Mexican women on the digital economy: How to learn free digital skills with Cisco “Mexicanas digitales” program

Are you interested in improving your digital skills? The Economic secretariat and the Work and Social Prevention secretariat made an alliance with Cisco Networking Academy to launch an educational program aim to improve the digital skills of Mexican women up from 16 years old to provide them with better job opportunities to thrive on the digital economy.

Stating 2 clear goals:

  1. Digital alphabetization on cybersecurity topics and the knowledge on the internet of things in favor of promoting gender inclusion.
  2. Specialization on courses in line to the industry certifications, to favor the labor workforce gender inclusion.

This program will be open from July 15 to December 30, 2021. In addition to this, upon completing the course(s) Cisco Networking Academy emits a certificate of completion. Some of the courses additionally to the certificate includes digital badges that you will be able to share on your LinkedIn profile, your preferred social media or on your resume.

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How can I sign up to the program?

The requirements for the “Mexicanas digitales” program are:

  1. You should be a woman, with Mexican nationality and have more than 16 years old.
  2. You’ll need a computer or mobile device with internet connection.
  3. An email account.

If you need to see further details about the program or to sign up visit: where you’ll be able to explore the offered courses by Cisco Networking Academy, take into consideration that you should sign up to each course one by one clicking on top of the link and filling up the correspondent forms.

Once the enrollment is done successfully, you will receive an email (this could take some minutes after your registration).

The courses

There are 6 free courses: Go through the next list to decide for the one of your interests.

  1. Woman connected: Connect!
  2. Woman on the internet: This is an introductory course to understand how the internet of the things works and how it makes our daily lives easier.
  3. Woman protected: Enjoin to a cybersecurity introductory course and gain the skills to stay protected on the web.
  4. Woman programmer: Learn the programming language Python and get the capabilities to create your own programming portfolio by understanding how a program runs on the informatic context.  
  5. Woman on the net: CCNA1, get net knowledge on the net, apps, and internet protocols.
  6. Automatized woman: You will learn about DevNet Associate. Develop the skills of the modern software applied to the information technology operated and the nets.

These types of alliances represent a big opportunity for women to close the digital gap and gain the skills needed to develop a higher level of confidence when applying on the labor workforce and on their day-to-day activities.

Be sure to enroll to one you are really interested in, so you will feel more committed to finish it!

Did you find the right course for you? Sign up! And share this with your community to help empower more women.

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